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"Blues, Blues, Blues" by Sidi Toure and Friends

Sidi Toure, guitarist extraordinaire from Mali, jams with his friends Jambala Maiga (on kuntigui) and Domu Maiga (on kurbu) at The Sanctuary for Independant Media in Troy NY on October 6, 2011. Visit or for more information.

Produced by:
Steve Pierce

Directed by:
Branda Miller

Live Switch by:
Ben Maloney

Cameras by:
Eleanor Goldsmith
Joshua Thorson
Jay Wilcox
Corey Doughty

Sound Mix by:
Troy Pohl

Edited by:
Cindy L. Parrish

Posted 2 years ago

By mediasanctuary

Police Raid on Occupy Albany

Occupy Albany is shut down by Mayor Jennings today as police pepper sprayed protestors for no apparent reason.

Posted 2 years ago

By urbandisasterrecords